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Training for Microsoft Office Products with HelpDesk Online

HelpDesk Online is a simple and effective interactive online training manual for Microsoft Office products.  It allows your users to search for and find information for using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft PowerPoint, enhancing user proficiency with Microsoft Office Products and increasing the efficiency of your business.  Measure Helpdesk Online ROI - Discover how HelpDesk Online can reduce costs in your business.

Simple and Ease-of-UseMicrosoft Office online training manuals

HelpDesk Online is simple to download and simple to use.  The interface has been designed in a user friendly, intuitive manner making it easy to find the answers to all your Microsoft Office questions. Topics are conveniently sorted from A-Z for easy accessibility as well as '101' lists for beginners.  Not sure what the topic is that you’re looking for?  No problem.  Using the fast and efficient search functionality of HelpDesk Online your users will be finding solutions to their Microsoft Office questions in no time.

Provided by Experts

HelpDesk Online is created and provided by Software Training Solutions, a team of Microsoft Office product specialists who have worked together to provide an in-depth interactive online training manual to increase your business efficiency.  With over 20 years of experience in working with and teaching a variety of Microsoft Office products including Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and windows, all content is ensured to be accurate, easy to follow, and up-to-date.

Quick Reference Sheets for In-house TrainingMicrosoft Office Manuals

In-house instructors can use and edit a variety of reference sheets that contain links to instruction articles in HelpDesk Online. Students can follow the links for additional instructions and add their notes. Instructors can also create their own instruction sheets with links to HDO. This feature eliminates the need for high-cost training manuals and significantly reduces the cost of in-house printing - not forgetting the Online manualsenvironmental benefit!


Easy Microsoft Office Upgrade Guides

An extremely helpful feature of HelpDesk Online is it’s “Where’d it go” section.  This allows users to view the differences between pre-ribbons Microsoft Office versions.  The interactive interface allows your users to click where they would have performed a task in earlier versions (pre 2007), and then displays how they to perform that task in versions 2007 or 2010.  Need a quick reference guide for differences between versions?  Just print out the “quick reference guide 2007 – 2010” and post it up next to your local computer.

Microsoft Office Upgrade Guides

Increase IT Support Staff Efficiency

HelpDesk Online is a great resource for your IT support staff, giving them the tools they need to perform their work more efficiently.  When asked questions regarding Microsoft Office products, your IT Team member can simply perform a quick search and send the requesting user the link to the HelpDesk Online page that explains the steps to accomplish their task.  This frees up IT time to perform other tasks, improving your business efficiency and reducing time costs.

Easy to Share with Staff

Save HelpDesk Online onto a shared network drive and add a shortcut to your desktop to make it quick and easy to look up answers to Microsoft Office questions on the fly.  Alternatively, HelpDesk Online can be added as a widget on your intranet home page, or as a link on your intranet side menu navigation to ensure quick access from anyone within the company.

Quick and Simple Navigationhelpdesk online software

The interface is intuitive and easy to use.  From the home page your users can click into any Microsoft Office product to view its interactive online training manual.  All topics for that product are listed on the left hand side from A-Z, with an easy to use quick search bar at the top of the page.  The quick “go to…” drop down located on the top right corner of every page allows your users to easily switch to other Microsoft Office product instructions.