Addressing Emails: Quick Tricks

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Video! Addressing Tricks (Turn your speakers on)

When addressing a new email in Outlook there are some quick tricks that will save you time if the people you wish to send your email to are already in your Outlook Contacts' list.

Rather than using Outlook's Address Book, try this:

  1. Begin a new email.

  2. In any of the address lines (To, CC, or BCC) type a couple of characters of the recipient's first name then a space and a couple of characters of their last name, e.g. to send to John Smith, type jo sm

  3. Press Ctrl + K or click on the Check Names button to have Outlook find a match. If a match is found, the name is inserted, if there are several matches (e.g. John Smith and Joan Smithers), Outlook will provide you wish a short list to select from.

It gets better....

If you are addressing an email to several people, you can use the above trick, separating each entry with a semicolon (this thing ;). For example, to send to John Smith, Bob Jones, and Sue Weatherstone, just type JO sm;bo JO;su we then press Ctrl + K click on the Check Names button .

Why two characters for first and last name?

You actually might find the right person with less, it depends how many entries you have in your Address Book. If you only have a few, you might find John Smith by typing JO or j s or just john.

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