Background Formatting

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Video! Background Formatting (Turn your speakers on)

If you send an email in an HTML format, you can add a picture and/or color to the background. Use this feature sparingly as the email size increases dramatically when you add background information. The recipient(s) must also be able to view html files using their email viewer. (If you're not sure if it will work, try it!)

  1. Begin a new email message.

  2. Set your email to HTML format.

  3. Select Format from the menu bar in the message window then choose Background.

    1. To select a Picture, choose Picture then click on the Browse button to locate the image you wish to use. (The image should be compressed to a small file size to minimize the resulting size of your email.)

    2. To select a colored background, choose Color (after Format, Background) then select from one of the 16 color blocks.

  4. Type your message, format the text (if desired) and send your email.

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