Formatting Email Messages

Microsoft Outlook 2003

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Microsoft Outlook provides simple formatting features such as bolding, underlining, fonts, colors, bullets, and indentation. These features are not available if the email your are sending is in a Plain Text format.

Note:  You can apply formatting as you type or after you type.  Most people find it easier to apply formatting after the text is typed.  These instructions follow this method.

  1. Begin a new email message.

  2. Select the text you wish to format. 
  3. Note:  You can select the formatting first then type the message; however, most users find it easier to type first then apply formatting.

  4. Apply one or more of the following attributes by selecting the appropriate button from your Formatting toolbar. Rest your mouse on each of the buttons to receive a description of that feature.
  5. Fonts:  determine the look of the characters, e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, Impact, etc.  Use the list button to select the font desired from the drop-down menu.

    Font Size: determines the size of the characters.  The larger the number, the larger the characters. Use the list button to select the font size desired from the drop-down menu.

    Color: allows you to change the color of a word(s), sentence, heading, etc.

    Bold, Italic, and Underline: apply the relevant formatting.  You can also combine these choices, e.g. italics and underlining.

    Left, Center, and Right Align: determine the placement of the title or paragraph.

    Bullets: to begin each paragraph with a round dot.  To un-bullet a paragraph, simply click on the bulleted paragraph, then click on the bullets button again.

    Numbers: to number each paragraph with a round dot.  To un-number a paragraph, simply click on the numbered paragraph, then click on the number button again.

    Increase/Decrease Indent: each time you click on the Increase Indent button, the paragraph indents another .5 inch to the right.  To move it back to the left, click on the Decrease Indent button.

    Insert Horizontal Line: to insert a horizontal line at the cursor position.

  6. When the email is addressed and formatted, click on the  button on the toolbar - or press Ctrl + Enter.

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