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Microsoft Outlook 2003

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There are a couple of methods you can use to search for specific email messages. If you want to find an item based on a specific keyword or phrase contained in either the subject or message body, use the first method Search For Text In Emails. If you want to locate messages based on other criteria, such as who sent it or size, use the second method Advanced Email Find.

Search For Text In Emails

If you know a unique word or phrase that is contained in the email subject line or message body, use this easy tool to locate it.

  1. Display the Inbox. (Click on in the Navigation Pane.
  2. Click on the Find button in the standard toolbar. The following toolbar appears at the top of your email list:
  3. Enter your keyword or short phrase (couple of words) in the Look for field.

  4. If you want to search all your email folders, click on the Search In button and choose All Mail Folders.

  5. Click on Find Now to locate the item(s). Double-click on any item to open it.

  6. To clear the list and show all items in the current folder, click on the Clear button.

Advanced Email Find

Use Advanced Find to find Outlook items that meet specific criteria.

  1. Display the Inbox. (Click on in the Navigation Pane.

  2. Select Tools from the menu bar then choose Find, then Advanced Find (or press Ctrl+Shift+F). The following window will appear:
  3. To search for email messages, the Look for field should display Messages. If it doesn't use the list button to select this choice. If you are looking for any type of item that meets your criteria, scroll to the top of this list and select Any type of Outlook item.

  4. If you wish to search all your email folders for the message, click on the Browse button to select the top entry Personal Folders (if using an exchange server it will probably display your name rather than Personal Folders), otherwise select the folder you wish to search.

  5. Enter the criteria you are searching for in the fields available. Note the following:

  6.  Click on the Find Now button to locate all items that match the criteria you entered in the previous steps.

  7. Once the list is displayed, you can:

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