Adding A Size Column To An Email View

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Video! Add A Size Column To Email View (Turn your speakers on)

When it comes to saving email, it really IS all about size! If you're not aware of the size of the items you're keeping, your Outlook account can grow unreasonably large, very quickly.

One standard text email is usually 1-3 kilobytes (KB in size). Background formatting and attachments can result in much higher email size.

To add the size column to your Inbox view:

  1. Display your Inbox.

  2. While pointing at a column header, such as the From header, click the right mouse button.

  3. Click on Field Chooser in the resulting menu.

  4. Scroll down the list of fields to locate the Size button.

  5. Drag the Size button from the Field Choose window onto the header area, perhaps just left of the Received column, then release the mouse.

  6. When done, click on the button in the Field Chooser window.

Note: If you want this column to be available to all email folders, also refer to Customizing Views.

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