Browsing Tips

While using Internet Explorer youíll need to know some basics:

Panes:† Information is displayed in a pane (an area) of your window.† To control that area, simply click on any free space in that pane.† When you do, it doesn't look like anything has happened but you've changed the focus of the systemís attention to one area of the window.

Hyperlinks:† Hyperlinks are hot spots that, when clicked on, will display the linked information.† All the items listed in the HDO index are hyperlinks.† Typically, a hyperlink is shown in a different color and is underlined.

Back and Forward buttons:† When you click on a hyperlink, the window displays new information.† You can return to the previous window by clicking once on the Back button at the top left of your window.† Once you use the Back button you can also use the Forward button to bounce back and forth between windows you've already displayed.

You can also click on the little list buttons (beside the Back and Forward buttons) to view the names of the windows you've visited.† Click on a window name to jump back to that window.

Print A Window:† You can print any window displayed:† just click once on the pane you wish to print (see panes above), then click on the Print icon on your toolbar.†