Design Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Video! Design Templates (Turn your speakers on)

Templates affect the background and colors used in your presentation.  It is a good idea to decide on a template before customizing colors used within it.  Also refer to the Formatting Text article. 

  1. Display Slide Designs in the Task Pane. (Click on the button at the right of the Formatting toolbar.) The following choices will appear:

  2. Click on a template to select it and apply it to your presentation.

  3. If desired, you can further customize the presentation by selecting Color Schemes a the top of the Task Pane.

  4. If desired, you can apply an animation scheme to the slide displayed by selecting Animation Schemes at the top of the Task Pane.

Note:You can only choose one template for each presentation.  However, you can customize the background of each slide, if desired. 

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