Transition Effects

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Video! Transition Effects (Turn your speakers on)

Transition effects can be used in a Slide Show. Transitions are the special effects you see when you move from one slide to the next during an on-screen presentation.

Adding Transition Effects

  1. Display your slides in Slide Sorter view.

  2. Click on the †button on the Slide Sorter toolbar, or select Slide Show from the menu bar then choose Slide Transition.† Slide Transition options are displayed in the Task Pane.

  3. Choose an effect from the list provided.†

  4. Choose the speed of your transition: slow, medium, or fast (not available for all transition types).

  5. If you have sound capabilities on your system you can choose a sound to play when the slide is displayed.† (Fun, but not suitable for many presentation types.)

  6. Choose to advance only on a mouse click (safest) or after a specified number of seconds.

  7. Choose Apply to All to apply the effect to all slides.

  8. Click on the Play button to play the effect in the current view or click on the Slide Show button to play the effect in a Slide Show.

Removing Transition Effects

If you change your mind and do not want a transition effect, choose No Transition in step 3 from the list of transition effects available (itís at the top of the list).

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