Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Video! Views (Turn your speakers on)

There are four views available in PowerPoint. Each view offers different ways of looking at your presentation and different control aspects. Use the links below to learn more about the controls available in each view.

Switching Views

Normal View

Normal view offers three convenient panes where you can view and edit the outline, slide contents, and speaker's notes. By default, the largest pane in Normal view is the slide page. Use Normal view for most of your slide development.

Outline Pane

The Outline Pane is located within the Normal view and is convenient for entering at least the main titles of your slides.

Slide Sorter View

Slide Sorter view allows you to time your presentation, organize (move) your slides, and add special effects to a Slide Show display.

Notes Page View

Use the Notes Page view to add speaker's notes to your presentation. Typically, these are notes that the speaker would use when giving an online presentation they are not usually printed or displayed for an audience.

Slide Show

Slide Show is the full-screen, online display of your presentation.

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