Add HyperLinks To Web Pages

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Video! Hyperlinks (Turn your speakers on)

If you add a hyperlink to a Web page, when you run your presentation (in Slide Show) and click on the hyperlink, a browser window will open, displaying the Web page that you've linked to. When you close the browser window you are returned to your presentation Slide Show.

Create A Hyperlink

To create a hyperlink:

  1. Display the slide that you would like to add the link to, in Slide View.

  2. Select the word or object that you would like to create the link to.

  3. Select Insert from the menu bar, then choose Hyperlink (or just press Ctrl + K). The following window is displayed:
  4. If your window does not look the same, click on Existing File or Web Page, at the left of the window.

  5. In the Address field, enter the complete URL (web address) of the page you wish to link to, e.g.
  6. One easy way to do this is to copy the URL from your browser window first then paste it in this field.

  7. Choose OK.

  8. Run your slide show and click on your hyperlink. A browser window will open displaying the page you created the link to (providing that you entered the URL correctly and their site is working).

  9. Close the browser window to return to your presentation.