Account Size

To check the size of your Outlook account:

  1. If you're using an Exchange server, at the top of the Navigation Pane, right mouse click on Mailbox-Your Name in your Folder List. If you're using a stand-alone computer, right mouse click on Personal Folders, at the top of the Navigation Pane.

  2. Choose Properties for at the bottom of the popup list.

  3. Select the Folder Size button. A window similar to the following is displayed:
  4. Your total account size is displayed at the right of Total size (including subfolders). Keep in mind that there are 1000 KB to each megabyte. The window above indicates that this account size is at 92.8 megabytes.

If you are using Outlook at a business/organization, you may be able to move email and attachments to a document management system where items can more easily be shared and secured without eating up your allowable Outlook account space.