Attach Calendar Details to an Email

Have you ever wanted to send your details of availability (or unavailability) to someone on a different exchange server? Now you can. Simply attach your calendar to an email.

Calendars can only be inserted in an email when using an HTML or RTF email format.

  1. Begin a new email, as usual.

  2. Click inside the message area then click on the Calendar button in the Message ribbon. The following window is displayed:
  3. If you are using more than one calendar, click on the list button in the Calendar field to select which calendar to use.

  4. Click on the list button in the Date Range field to display the following options:
  5. Click in the Details area to display the following options:
  6. If desired, click on Show time within my working hours only. If selected, you may wish to click on Set working hours to ensure that your working hours displayed in Outlook are correct.

  7. Choose OK to insert the calendar details into the email.

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