Business Cards

Business Cards are details of Contact information. You can attach business cards to most Outlook items. When you attach a business card, Outlook attaches the information in an .vcf file. If attaching the card(s) to an email using HTML or RTF format, the information is also displayed as a card within the message area, e.g.

Attach a Business Card

  1. Create or open the Outlook item you with to attach a business card to.

  2. Display the Insert Ribbon then click on Business Card.

  3. If the item you wish to attach is shown in the list, simply click on it, otherwise choose Other Business Cards to access your Contacts Lists.

Receiving a Business Card

If you receive a business card (.vcf file attachment) in an email, you can quickly add the info to your Contacts: just right mouse click on the .vcf file and choose Add to Contacts.

Editing (Designing) a Business Card

  1. Add a new contact or open an existing contact entry.
  2. If you have a picture of the contact, click on the Picture button to add it. If you add a picture for a contact it is automatically displayed on the Business Card (unless you choose not to display it).
  3. Click on the Business Card button on the Contact ribbon. A window similar to the following is displayed:
  4. Use the image controls in the top right corner to determine the placement of the image (if any), size of the image, image alignment and background color for the card.

  5. To add formatting to a text element, click on the element in the preview (top) area then use the formatting controls at the right to determine font style, size, alignment and attributes.

  6. To move a text element up or down on the card, click on the field name in the Fields column then click on the up or down arrows at the bottom.

  7. To remove a text element, click on the field name in the Fields column then click on the Remove button.

  8. To add a text element, click on the Add button at the bottom then select the field element you wish to add.

  9. Choose OK to apply the changes.

Additional References