Cool Stuff to do with Contacts

When adding, editing or viewing a contact there are some useful buttons and features available on the Contacts ribbon, such as viewing the contact's address in a map, customizing their business card, and more.

Save & New - If you want to save a contact and add a new one, rather than choose Save & Close then choose to add another contact, simply click on the Save & New button. Additionally, you can click on the drop list button beside this button to choose New Contact From Same Company to repeat much of the information displayed.

Send - To send the contact details via email.

Delete - To delete the current contact. Also refer to the Deleting Items article.

General - To display the General information for the current contact.

Details - To display Details for the current contact, such as department, birthday, etc.

Activities - To track tasks, appointments, e-mail, notes, or documents related to a contact by using links.

Certificates - To specify a Digital ID to send encrypted email to the contact.

All fields - To display all fields associated with the contact.

Email - To create a new email addressed to the contact.

Meeting - To send a meeting request to the contact.

Call - to call the contact (your computer must be connected to a phone line).

Task - To assign a task to the contact.

Web Page- To view the contact's web page in your browser. (The URL must be entered in the Web Page field on the General details area.)

Map - To view the contact's address location in maps.sympatico.msn.

Business Card - To customize the contact's business card.

Picture - To add a picture of the contact (or any image desired to the contact).

Categorize - To add a category to the contact.

Follow Up - To add a follow up reminder for the contact.

Private - To mark this contact as private. If you have given other access to view your Contacts folder, they will not see Private contacts.

Address Book - To view your address book, as a list.

Check Names - To verify that the email address is in a correct format.

Spelling - To spellcheck the notes area of the contact and access other Spelling options.

OneNote - To save the contact information in a OneNote file.

You can also....

Format your notes and insert a variety of other objects including tables, pictures, shapes, ClipArt and other objects!