Email Formats

Outlook offers three formats that you can send emails in. Each format has their own set of advantages:

Plain Text - Plain text format does not allow any special formatting within the body of the email message (such as color, fonts, etc.); however, this format can be read by any email recipient and creates the smallest emails.

Rich Text - Rich text format can be read by most email recipients and allows for most text formatting.

HTML - HyperText Markup Language can be read by many email recipients and allows for a variety of text formatting and page formatting.

Change Default Format

If you change the default format, all new email messages will use this format (until you change your default again or you change the format for each item).

  1. Select Tools from the menu bar then choose Options.

  2. Select the Mail Format tab.

  3. Use the list button beside the field Compose in this message format to select the format desired.

  4. Choose OK to finish.

Change Format For Current Message Only

  1. Start a new email message.

  2. Display the Options ribbon and choose Plain Text, Rich Text, or HTML within the Format area of the ribbon.
  3. If you do not see all options choose Plain Text then repeat these steps.

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