Unlike meetings and appointments, events do not usually take up a specific block of time during the day. A typical event might be dress-up day at the office or someone's birthday (which hopefully would be a recurring event). If desired, you can invite others to an event. Events are displayed at the top of the day view, e.g.

  1. Display your calendar. Refer to the Calendar Overview article for more information.

  2. While pointing in the day view area, click the right mouse button then choose New All Day Event or double-click in the Events area. A window similar to the following is displayed:
  3. Enter a subject, and a location if applicable.

  4. Select the date the event occurs on, if other than shown.

  5. Ensure the All day event box is selected (otherwise it will become an appointment).

  6. Select a reminder if desired.

  7. Other optional settings:

    1. If you have given others the right to view your calendar but do not wish the details of this event to display, select the Private option at the bottom right corner of the window.
    2. If this is a recurring event, click on the button to specify the pattern. Refer to the Recurring Appointments, Meetings, and Events article if you need more help.

    3. If desired, you can categorize this event.
    4. If applicable, you can also invite others to this event, as you would a meeting request by clicking on the button.

  8. Choose Save & Close or click on the Send button if you have invited others, to finish.

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