Clip Art On Office Online

If you can't find the Clip Art you're looking for locally (on your computer or server), try searching Microsoft's Clip Art on Office Online - free to all licensed Microsoft Office users. And/or try Google Images.

Using Clip Art On Office Online

  1. In Normal view,  display the side you wish to add Clip Art to.

  2. Display the Insert ribbon then click on the Clip Art button .

  3. The Clip Art Task Pane is displayed. Click on Clip Art on Office Online (at bottom of the task pane).

  4. There are several ways to browse this site. You can click on a category listed towards the bottom of the page or enter your search criteria under the Clip Art field. Before you click on Search, you can limit your results to only certain types of Clip Art such as Clip Art (cartoon-type entries), Photos, Animations, etc. by clicking on the drop-list button to the right of the Search button. Click on Search when ready.
  5. Once you have located the image you wish to use, notice the three icons under it, e.g.
  6. If this is the first time you've visited this site, you may be prompted to continue the download of the Active X Control. Choose Continue.
  7. If you chose the third button to copy the item to your clipboard, simply return to your Word document and choose Paste. If you added the item to your collections, click on Download x Item(s) in your collection basket (at the left), then choose Download Now. You can then drag the item(s) from your Clip Organizer on to your page (it's easier the first way).

Now it's time to have fun formatting the picture!

Additional References