Compressing Pictures

If you insert pictures (photos, logos, etc.) into a document, it's usually a good idea to compress them so that they do not take up too much room in your document. The exception to this is if you intend on sending the document to a commercial printer for reproduction.

  1. Insert the image(s).

  2. Move, crop and/or size the image as desired.

  3. Double-click on an image to display a special picture Format ribbon.

  4. In the Adjust area of the ribbon, click on Compress Pictures. The following options appear.
  5. If you do not want to compress all images in the document, select Apply to selected pictures only, else leave this selection unchecked.

  6. Click on the Options button. The following options appear:

  7. Make selections as desired then click on OK.

    In most cases, the selections indicated above are appropriate. If the document will be primarily used online or viewed in Web pages, choose the Screen option. The E-mail option will offer less quality but a smaller file size.

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