Custom Animation

Here's the real fun stuff: animation text and objects on your slides. A few things to note:

Adding Custom Animation

  1. Display the slide you wish to apply custom animation to in Normal view.

  2. Display the Animations ribbon.

  3. Select the object(s) you wish to customize. (If you select more than one object they will all receive the same animation effect.)

  4. Click on the Custom Animations button at the left of the Animations ribbon. Notice the Custom Animations task pane appears on your screen:

  5. Click on the Add Effects button in the task pane to display the following choices:
  6. Rest your mouse on one of the effects to see the choices available.

    The following instructions assume you have selected an Entrance effect but the choices available in each category pretty much offer the same options with the exception of Motion Paths.

  1. Once you select an effect, additional choices will appear at the top of the Task Pane. The choices available depend on the effect selected in the previous step.
  2. Use the list buttons in the fields available to customize your selections. The choices many vary depending on the type of effect applied.

  3. As you add animation effects, the objects are listed in the Task Pane in the order that they will run, e.g.:
  4. To change the order of the effects (when they happen), drag the item you wish to reorder up or down within the list or use the reorder buttons at the bottom of the Task Pane.
  5. To further customize an item, click on it once in the list (as shown above). A list button will then appear beside the object . Click on the list button to view other customization choices available. (Try Effect Options to access many advanced animation effects).

Effect Options

Use effect options to really tweak your effects.

  1. To access effect options, point at the effect you wish to change as listed in the task pane. (See illustration under step 9 above.)

  2. Click on the list button to the right of the effect, e.g., then choose Effect Options. Notice that there are three tabs available.

  3. Effects: Click on the Effects tab to access the following choices for the text or object effect:

  4. Timing: Click on the Timing tab to access the following choices that affect the timing of the animation effect.

  5. Other settings: Click on the last tab to access other settings that affect the object. The following choices choices available for a text object.

Additional References