Inserting Images (Photos etc.)

An image is typically a picture in electronic form, i.e. a picture saved as a file. ClipArt are also images but are controlled slightly differently.  The following instructions refer to image files, such as photographs.

Inserting An Image

The following instructions assume you already have an image in a file that you would like to insert. 

If you select a layout that allows for object insertion (you'll see this icon on the slide ), click on the Insert Picture from file icon (bottom left corner, then skip to step 3.)

  1. In normal view, display the slide you wish to insert the image on.

  2. Display the Insert ribbon then click on the Picture button .
  3. Navigate to the drive/folder that contains the image file.

  4. Double-click on the image you would like to insert.
  5. If desired you can create a link to the image when inserting it. In this case, if the originating image changes, so does the image in your document. The benefit of linking is that it can dramatically reduce the size of your file (as the image is not actually imbedded in it); however, if you choose to share the file with someone who does not have access to the location that the image is linked to, the image may not be contained in their copy of the document. To create a link:

    1. Rather than double-clicking on the image, only single click on it to select it then click on the drop-list button beside the Insert button. The following options appear:
    2. Choose Link to File.

  6. It is also a good idea to compress images in your document to minimize file size.
  7. Now the real fun begins! Check out the Formatting Pictures article.

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