Notes Page (aka Speakers Notes)

Notes Pages provide you with a small display of a slide on the top of the page and any notes you wish to include on the bottom of a page.  These are an excellent reference for the speaker when presenting an online show. If you wish to alter the display of your Notes Pages, such as change the size of the slide miniature or the formatting of your notes, edit the Notes Page Master first. You can also use the Create Handouts in MS Word feature to copy your notes and slide miniatures to a Microsoft Word document.

Adding Notes

  1. Select the slide you wish to add notes to.

  2. Display the View ribbon then click on the Notes Pages button near the left side of the ribbon. The following window is displayed showing your slide at the top and a notes area at the bottom
  3. Click in the 'click to add text' area.

  4. If the text area is small and difficult to read, increase the zoom control.

  5. Type the text you wish to include on your Notes Pages.


If desired, you can format the text either within the notes or on the Notes Master.  If you wish to affect all Notes pages, edit the Notes Master.   

Additional References