Package For CD

When you want to run a slide show on another computer, you can use the Package for CD wizard. The wizard packages together all the files and fonts used in the presentation - including linked files! It can also include the PowerPoint viewer so that you can run your presentaiton on a computer that doesn't have PowerPoint (or the latest version) installed. If desired, you can then copy the folder created using this tool onto a CD.

You can include linked files as part of your package, and if you use TrueType fonts, you can include them as well. If you make changes to your presentation after you use the Package for CD Wizard, just run the wizard again to update it.

Packing A Presentation

  1. Open the presentation you want to save to a disk.

  2. Click on the Microsoft Office button (top left corner of your window) then choose Publish then Package for CD. The following window appears:
  3. Enter a name for your presentation folder beside Name the CD. This can be the same name as your presentation.

  4. Use the Options button to access the following choices. Change as desired then choose OK.
  1. Choose Copy to Folder. The following window is displayed:
  2. You can change the folder name now if you did not do so in step 2. Also specify a location to save the new folder and files in. Then choose OK.

  3. If you chose to include linked files, the following window is displayed. Choose Yes if you trust the link sources.
  4. If you chose to Inspect presentation for inappropriate or private information, the following window will appear. Select some or all of the elements you wish to inspect then choose Inspect.
    1. If PowerPoint discovers inappropriate or private information, a window similar to the following is displayed. Choose Remove All beside each element found if you wish to remove it from the copied presentation. Choose Close to continue.
  5. When done, the window shown in Step 2 is displayed again. If you wish to burn the presentation to a CD at this time choose Copy to CD or choose Close to finish. (If you're more comfortable using your own CD burning software or wish to burn the file later, just remember where you saved the file.
  6. A folder is created in the location you specified in step 5. The following illustrates the type of files created using the Package for CD wizard. Note that the file Employee Orientation is unique to the file copied.

Running The Presentation

If you copied your presentation using the Package for CD utility and copied the files to a CD, the file should run automatically when you insert the CD. The presentation will run automatically, unless this feature was deselected (within Options - step 4) when packing the presentation.

If you copied your presentation to a folder, you can autorun the presentation by selecting the file pptview.exe.

If you wish to open the presentation in PowerPoint, open the presentation file that ends in ppt. In the above example, you would choose to open Employee Orientation.ppt.