Record Narration

If desired you can record sound files on a slide. All you need is a headset! By default, PowerPoint will save your recordings in a WAV format.

  1. In Normal view, display the slide you wish to attach the sound file to. (You can skip this step if you wish to attach the file to the first slide in your presentation.)

  2. Display the Slide Show ribbon then click on the Record Narration button. The following window appears:
  3. Click on the Set Microphone Level if you have not yet done so or if you are in a different room or environment from the last recording you made in PowerPoint.

  4. Click on Change Quality to change the format and attributes of the recording.

  5. If desired you can choose to link the narration to a specified location by choosing the Browse button. If your narration will be long or if you intend on creating many within the same presentation you may wish to link to the file.

  6. Choose OK to begin recording. The following options appear:
  7. Choose Current Slide to attach the sound file to the slide displayed or choose First Slide to attach the file to the first slide in your presentation. Once selected the slide is displayed in Slide Show. Begin speaking. When done, press the Esc key on your keyboard. The following option appears:
  8. If you wish to save the timings with the presentation choose Save. If you simply wish to save the recording without the timings, choose Don't Save.

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