Slide Layouts

Slide layouts allow you to define what text and objects you want to include on a slide, i.e. ClipArt, charts, tables, movies, etc.  The first step in designing a slide is to select the appropriate Slide Layout - from there it's a piece of cake!

The following shows you how to select and apply a slide layout to an existing slide. You can also select a layout when inserting a new slide.

The slide layouts available are dependent on the template used to create the presentation, i.e. each template can offer unique slide layouts. You can also create more layouts in the Slide Master.

  1. Display the slide you wish to edit in Normal view.

  2. Display the Home ribbon then click on the Layout button at the left of the ribbon. A window appears offering all layouts available within the Slide Master, e.g.:
  3. Each layout offers a different feature.  When applied you usually see instructions on how to add the object, such as Click to add text.   Many layouts also offer an object icons in the center to allow you to quickly create or insert a table, chart, SmartArt graphic, picture, ClipArt or media item. Rest your mouse on each of these icons to view their description then click on the item you wish to create/insert.
  4. Choose the layout that comes closest to what you envision on your slide. You can easily add and remove objects from the slide after you select a layout. Refer to the Editing Slides article.

Additional References

Refer to the following articles for more information on working with the various objects available on a slide: