Slide Show

Use the Slide Show to view your presentation in a full screen display.  Any special display effects such as transition effects and animation settings are included in the slide show.

Starting Slide Show

Start From Slide 1

To start your presentation from slide 1, do one of the following:

Start From Current Slide

To start your presentation from the selected slide or slide displayed on your screen, do one of the following:

Slide Show Controls

It's a very good idea to get familiar with the slide show controls before presenting yourself in front of an audience.

To advance to the next slide, use one of the following options:

To return to the previous slide, press the letter P or press the Page Up key on your keyboard

To exit the slide show, press the Esc key.

Also refer to Quick keys List During Slide Shows, below.

Mouse Options During A Slide Show

While running a presentation, click the right mouse button. The following choices will appear:

Quick Keys List During Slide Shows

The following quick keys are useful when running a presentation. Note this list can be displayed by pressing F1 or by selecting Pointer Options, Help during your show.

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