Using SmartArt

SmartArt allows you to create a variety of shapes to illustrate processes, hierarchy, relationships and more!


Insert a SmartArt Shape

  1. In Normal view, display the slide you wish to add a SmartArt object to.
  2. Display the Insert ribbon and click on the button within the Illustrations area. The following choices are available.
  3. Select a shape then choose OK.

  4. The object appears in a box. The options displayed will differ slightly depending on the shape you selected. The following illustrates the options available when creating a pyramid.
  5. Enter the text you would like to display in the shape within the 'Type your text here' window. If you need more items than shown simply press Enter after the last item to create another row or element. If you need fewer rows or elements, you can delete lines in the 'Type your text here' list.

  6. Click on any area of your page to finish.

Formatting SmartArt

An almost unlimited number of formatting controls and combinations!

  1. Select the shape you wish to format. Notice that when a shape is selected, the Drawing Tools Design ribbon is displayed:
  2. Also notice that a SmartArt Format ribbon is also available.

  3. Select the control or effect you wish to apply. Also note:

Don't forget to play!

Additional References