In earlier versions of PowerPoint, to apply a set of color schemes and background objects, you would select a Design Template. In PowerPoint 2007 you accomplish the same thing by selecting a Presentation Theme.

A Theme is a collection of colors, background graphics, and formatting combinations. You can easily select a Theme then customize it to suit your needs.

When you begin a new presentation you can select a Theme or begin with a blank Theme then create one. You can also change your mind part way through the development of your presentation and select a different Theme.

The following instructions assume you have already started a presentation, the document is open, and you wish to apply a different Theme.

Apply a New Theme to an Existing Presentation

  1. Display the Design ribbon and notice the buttons available within the Themes area of the ribbon.
  2. Click on a Theme to apply it (use the scroll bar at the right too) or click on the button at the bottom of the scroll bar in the Themes area to access the following options:
  3. Select a them to apply it. Also note:

  4. If desired,you can now customize the Theme Colors, Theme Fonts, and Theme Effects.

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