Concatenating Cells

Microsoft Excel 2010

Concatenating refers to joining information located in more than one cell.  For example, you may have first names listed in one column and last names listed in another.  To create a column that combines the first and last name, use the concatenating feature.

  1. Select the cell you wish to display the result in.
  2. Enter the formula =cellref&cellref&cellref, etc.  If you wish to include a space or other character between the resulting items, include &"space or character".  You must include the quotation marks around the space or character.

    Example:  Let's say A1 contains John and A2 contains Smith.  In cell A3 you wish to display John Smith.  Your formula should look like this: =A1&" "&A2 If you didn't include the " " in your formula, the result would be JohnSmith.

  3. To copy this formula to other cells use the AutoFill feature or the Copy Down/Right trick.