Action Buttons

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

You can add Action Buttons to your presentation to jump to a variety of presentation locations or start an application, e.g. jump to a specific slide within your presentation or to a different presentation altogether, open a Word document or Microsoft Excel worksheet, display a Web page, etc.

Action Buttons can be activated during a Slide Show either by clicking the mouse or by simply moving the mouse over the button icon – depending on how you specify the action. When you set up a hyperlink, it's best to select the mouse-click method. If you select the mouse-over method, it's possible to evoke an action when you really don't want to (particularly true for coffee drinkers).

Add An Action Button To A Slide

  1. Display the slide you wish to add an Action Button to.
  2. Display the Insert ribbon, then click on the Shapes button. Notice the choices at the bottom of the list:
  3. Rest your mouse over each of the icons to view their default actions.  Click on the button icon desired.
  1. On your slide, drag your mouse to create a box approximately the size you wish for the button.  Once done, the following window will appear:

  Choices available on the Mouse Over tab are the same as on the Mouse Click tab.  You can choose different options for a mouse click than for a mouse over; however, most users prefer to use the Mouse Click only.

  1. Select one of the following:
    1. To change the action of the button, click on the list button in the Hyperlink to field.
    2. If you wish the action button to run a program, click in the circle beside Run program, then enter the path and program name in the field provided.
    3. If you wish the action button to run a macro, click in the square beside Run Macro, then use the list button to select a macro.
    4. The file must be saved as a PowerPoint Macro Enabled Presentation in order to create and run macros. Refer to the Save Presentation As article for more information.

    5. If you wish the action button to also play a sound, click in the square beside Play sound, then use the list button to select a sound.
  2. Choose OK when done and run the Slide Show to see the effect.

Add an Action to an Object

Alternatively, you can add an action to any object or shape:

  1. Select the object or shape you would like to add an action to.
  2. Click on the Action button button on the Insert ribbon.
  3. Refer to steps 5 & 6 above.

Editing An Action Button's Settings

If you wish to change the behavior of an Action Button that was added previously:

  1. In Normal view, right mouse click on the button you wish to edit then choose Edit Hyperlink.
  2. Make any changes desired then choose OK.
  3. Or click on the Action button in the Links area of the Insert Ribbon.

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