Clip Art On Office Online

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

If you can't find the Clip Art you're looking for locally (on your computer or server), try searching Microsoft's Clip Art on Office Online free to all licensed Microsoft Office users. And/or try Google Images.

Using Clip Art On Office Online

  1. In Normal view, display the side you wish to add Clip Art to.
  2. Display the Insert ribbon then click on the Clip Art button .
  3. The Clip Art Task Pane is displayed. Click on Find more at (at bottom of the task pane).
  4. Note: Microsoft changes the look of their Clip Art page from time to time. The following instructions apply to the site layout as of July 2011

  5. Click on an Image Category or type your criteria (e.g. palm tree) in the search box.
  6. If desired, you can select a Media type to filter your results to Illustrations (cartoons), Photos, Animation, or Sound.
  7. If desired, you can specify an image size, i.e. Small, Medium, Large or Resizable.
  8. To select and insert an image or sound clip, rest your mouse on the item. The item will appear in a larger window with choices to view details, copy and download
    1. Choose view details to learn more about the image properties (size, resolution, etc.).
    2. Choose copy to copy the item to your clipboard (so that you can paste it in your document).
    3. Choose download if you wish to download the item to a specified location (so that you can insert it later).
  9. If this is the first time visiting you will also receive a Terms window to accept the Microsoft Terms of Use. You may also be prompted to download Active X controls.

  10. Restore you PowerPoint document window.
  11. If you chose copy in step 7, place your cursor where you wish to insert then item then choose Paste.

Now it's time to have fun formatting the picture!

Additional References