Handout Master

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Printing handouts for your audience can be an effective way to remind them of the key elements of your presentation. Perhaps the most useful handout format is the 3 per page layout. When you select this layout, PowerPoint automatically adds lines to the right where your audience can add their own notes. Example:

To create handouts similar to that shown at right, edit the Handout Master as indicated below to add any special header or footer information desired then choose to print your handouts 3 per page.

Handout Master

Edit the Handout Master to add or remove headers, footers and objects from your Handouts when printed.

  1. Display the View ribbon then click on the Handout Master button. The following window is displayed:

  2. Use the buttons on the Handout Master ribbon to add/edit page settings and placeholders (such as headers, date, page numbers, etc.)
  3. You can also use choices available on other ribbons, such as the Insert ribbon to insert a logo or other image. If you use options on other ribbons, select the Handout Master ribbon again to Close the Master View using the button at the far right.

  4. Click on the Close Master View button to finish. Refer to the printing article to learn how to print your handouts.

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