Organizational Charts

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

To create an organizational chart in PowerPoint you can either draw the boxes and lines yourself, using Shapes or create the Org chart using the Hierarchy SmartArt tool.

The following instructions refer to using the Hierarchy SmartArt tool to create your Org chart.

  1. In Normal view, display the slide you wish to add a SmartArt object to.
  2. Display the Insert ribbon and click on the button within the Illustrations area.
  3. Alternatively, you can click on the SmartArt icon in the center of the slide layout, if present.

  4. Select Hierarchy from the choices available. The following window appears:
  5. Hierarchy options

  6. Select a style from those shown in the middle column. An empty Hierarchy object appears with a corresponding text box, e.g.
  7. Hierarchy example

  8. Click into the boxes to type names, titles, etc. By default, the text will resize as you type. You can close the corresponding text box, if desired.
  9. Use the options available in the Design and Formatting ribbons to affect the boxes and structure of your hierarchy (Org chart):
  10. Design Ribbon
    Hierarch Design Ribbon

    Format Ribbon
    Hierarchy Format Ribbon

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