Photo Albums

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

The Photo Album feature in PowerPoint lets you quickly create a presentation based on multiple images (photos). You simply 'tell' PowerPoint which images you wish to include and select a few other options and PowerPoint will create a new presentation for you including all selected photos.

  1. Start PowerPoint.
  2. Display the Insert ribbon then click on the Photo Album button. The following window is displayed (without the pictures shown).
  3. Click on the File/Disk button and navigate to the drive and folder where your pictures are located.
  4. Select the pictures you wish to include in your presentation.
  5. To change the order that the picture will appear in your presentation, click once on the epicure you wish to move (in the Picture in album list) then use the up and down arrows to move it within the list.
  6. To remove an item from the list, click once on the epicure you wish to remove (in the Picture in album list) then click on the Remove button.
  7. To adjust the orientation, contract or brightness of an individual picture while in this window, click once on the epicure you wish to adjust then use the rotate, contract, and brightness buttons under the image.
  8. If you wish to insert a slide that contains only a single text box, click once on the picture (in the Picture album list) that you wish the text box to come after. Click on the New Text Box button. Or you can always insert a new slide later once you've created your album.
  9. Select Picture Options as desired.
  10. Select Album Layout options as desired.
  11. Choose Create to finish. Refer to editing a Photo Album below if you wish to return to these choices.

Editing a Photo Album

If you created a presentation using the Photo Album feature and wish to return to the options (illustrated at the top of this article):

  1. Open the Photo Album presentation you wish to edit.
  2. Display the Insert ribbon then click on the bottom of the Photo Album button. Choose Edit Photo Album.
  3. Make any changes desired then click on the Update button.