Inserting Audio (Sounds)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

You can easily insert audio clips into your online presentation. PowerPoint will play most standard audio file types including mp3, wav, wma, mid, midi and many others. As this list grows, for a current list of compatible formats, use your Internet browser and search for "Compatible audio and video file formats in PowerPoint 2010".

Embedding audio vs Linking audio

You have choices: You can embed or link audio in your presentation. If you embed an audio file, you don't have to worry about lost files when you deliver your presentation because all the files are included in your presentation. However, embedding audio can make your PowerPoint file very large. If you want to limit the size of your presentation, you can link to an audio file on your local or network drive or create a link to a file on the web, such as YouTube. If you choose to create a link in your presentation and you want to run it elsewhere, consider using the Package Presentation for CD feature to ensure you have all your files.

Inserting audio

  1. Display the slide you wish to add an audio clip to in Normal view.
  2. If you select a layout that allows for object insertion (you'll see this icon on the slide ), click on the Insert Media Clip icon (bottom right corner, then skip to step 3.)

  3. Display the Insert ribbon then click on the Audio button button. Choose Audio from File.
  4. Locate the file you wish to add on your computer or a network drive.
    1. If you wish to embed it in your presentation, just double-click on the audio file name.
    2. If you wish to link to it in your presentation, click on the right side of the Insert button and choose Link to File, e.g.
    3. Insert Options

    4. The audio is inserted on your slide showing the following icon and controls:
    5. Inserted Audio clip

    6. Use the controls at the bottom to run the audio or display your slide in Slide Show view (Shift+F5) to hear the effect (you probably have to click to make the audio play).

Playback Ribbon

Click once on an inserted audio icon in Normal view then select the Playback ribbon (far right). The Playback ribbon includes the following controls.

Playback Ribbon

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