Bulleted Paragraphs

Microsoft Word 2010

Bulleted paragraphs are paragraphs that are preceded by a character, as shown under Additional References, below.

Typically the bullet character is a dot, however you can select your own bullet character, if desired.

Basic Bullets

  1. Select  the paragraph(s) to bullet.
  2. If you have not yet typed the text, selecting the bullet button will cause all paragraphs to bullet as they are typed.  When you want to turn bulleting off, or un-bullet a bulleted paragraph, simply click on the bullet button again or press Enter twice.

  3. Display the Home ribbon then click on the Bullets button  to apply the default bullet or click on the drop-list button beside the Bullets button to select a bullet type. Choices similar to the following appear:
  4. Select the style of bullet desired (or see Define New Bullet, below, to create a new one).

Define New Bullet

To select your own bullet character:

  1. Proceed as indicated under Basic Bullets, above, steps 1 & 2.
  2. Select Define New Bullet, at bottom of choice list. The following window is displayed:
  3. Symbols

  4. Click on the Symbol button to select a new symbol for the bullet. (Note that you can select from a variety of font sets).
  5. Click on the Picture button to select a picture bullet.
  6. If you are NOT using a Picture bullet, click on the Font button to adjust the size and color of your symbol bullet.
  7. Select an Alignment for the bullet (based on the tab setting for the bullet).
  8. Choose OK to finish.

Change List Level

Bullets are connected to an indentation position, i.e. if you indent a bulleted item, it will change to the next bullet level IF your AutoCorrect Options are set to Automatic Numbered Lists. You can also adjust the paragraph indentation and bullet type by selecting a new list level, as follows:

  1. Proceed as indicated under Basic Bullets, above, steps 1 & 2.
  2. Select Change List Level at bottom of choice list.
  3. Select the bullet and indentation position desired.

Paragraph Spacing for Bulleted Lists

By default, when you bullet paragraphs, Word will not include extra spacing between the paragraphs.

  1. To control the spacing between the bulleted paragraphs,select the bulleted paragraphs then click on the open dialog box button beside Paragraph Formatting. The following window is displayed:
  2. Paragraph Alignment Indents and Spacing Tabs

  3. Increase the Spacing After setting (try 12 pt).
  4. Remove the option (checkmark) beside Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style.

You can also save this formatting as a style if you use it often.

Additional References