Compressing Pictures

Microsoft Word 2010

If you insert pictures (photos, logos, etc.) into a document, it's usually a good idea to compress them so that they do not take up too much room in your document. The exception to this is if you intend on sending the document to a commercial printer for reproduction.

  1. Insert the image(s).
  2. Move, crop and/or size the image as desired.
  3. Double-click on an image to display a special picture Format ribbon.
  4. In the Adjust area of the ribbon, click on the Compress Pictures button (to the right of the Corrections button). The following options appear.
  5. Cropping Images

  6. If you do not want to compress all images in the document, select Apply only to this picture, else leave this selection unchecked.
  7. If you have cropped the image(s) you can reduce the overall file size by selecting Delete cropped areas of pictures.
  8. For Target output, choose:
    1. Print (220 ppi) if you need excellent quality when printing and file size is not such a concern.
    2. Screen (150 ppi) for good quality and reasonable compression, resulting in reduced file size.
    3. Email (96 ppi) if file size is a concern. Image quality may be noticeably reduced.
    4. Document resolution to use the default compression set in the Microsoft Office Backstage view - usually 220 ppi if you have not changed this. This setting is located in your Advanced Word options.
  9. Choose OK to apply your selections.
  10. Note: The smaller the ppi, the greater the compression and smaller the file size. Larger ppi settings avail better quality but also result in larger file sizes. You may need to experiment with these settings to learn what is right for the project you are creating. As a general rule of thumb, select 220ppi if you intend to print the document, use 150 ppi if you will be primarily sharing the document online, as is the case with most PowerPoint presentations, choose 96 ppi if you intend on emailing the document. The option for 'document resolution' will apply 220 ppi unless you have changed your default resolution settings (under File, Options, Advanced).

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