Creating an Excel Spreadsheet in Word

Microsoft Word 2010

If you wish to create a table that contains formulas and you know a bit about using MS Excel, you will probably find it easier to either create and excel spreadsheet in Word (as described below) or to copy a spreadsheet from Excel into Word

  1. Display the Insert ribbon and click on the Tables button.
  2. Choose Excel Spreadsheet at the bottom of the list. A spreadsheet object is displayed on your page.
  3. Add data and formulas as you would in a regular Excel spreadsheet. Notice that when editing an Excel object in Word, special ribbons are available for formatting and other features relating to Excel. For more information on using Excel, please refer to the Excel component of HelpDesk Online.

Once you click outside the spreadsheet you are no longer able to edit the contents. To enter edit mode again, double-click on the spreadsheet.

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