Headers and Footers

Microsoft Word 2010

The term header or footer refers to text or objects that appear within the top (header) or bottom (footer) margins of a document.

Typically headers and footers continue through a document; however, they can be changed within a document providing that a document is broken into sections.

Headers and footers can contain almost any type of text or object supported by Microsoft Word including text, graphics, tables, and fields. If you choose to insert page numbers, the number code is inserted within a header or footer as selected.

Creating A Header/Footer

To create a header or footer:

  1. Display the Insert ribbon. Notice the Header and Footer buttons:
  2. Page Numbering

  3. Click on either Header or Footer button, as desired. On of the following lists are displayed:
  4. Select a built-in Header/Footer or click on Edit Header or Edit Footer at the bottom of the list to start with a blank header/footer area.
  5. After step 3, you will notice a new Design ribbon offering the following choices:
  6. Page Numbering Date and Time Quick Parts Inserting Pictures Clip Art Page Layout Options Margins

Header And Footer Tips And Tricks

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