Save & Send

There are many options available if you want to save and send your document via email, to the web, to a SharePoint site and more.

  1. Click on File in the ribbon bar then choose Save & Send. The following options appear:
  2. Saving Documents Open Documents Close Documents Opening Documents New Document Printing Documents Help Word Options Exit WordFile Ribbon Home Ribbon Insert Ribbon Page Layout Ribbon References Ribbon Mailings Ribbon Review Ribbon View Ribbon Developer Ribbon Ribbons (all)Document Properties

Send Using Email

Choose Send Using Email to display the options shown above. Select how you would like to send the item and the format you would like to use from the options shown at the right. If sending via email, your default email editor (e.g. MS Outlook) and a copy of the document format is attached to the message. Compose and send as usual.

Save to Web

If desired, you can save the document to the web and share it with other users using the Windows Live SkyDrive service, You will need and active account for Windows Live, Hotmail, Messenger, or XBOX Live. (It's a pretty cool solution if you need to share documents, photos, etc. with people outside of your organization.) For more information on SkyDrive use the link they provide at the right - after you click on Save to Web.

Save to SharePoint

If you organization has a SharePoint server available to you,you can save your document to your SharePoint server directly using this option.

Change File Type

Use this option to save your document in a different format. This option is the same as using Save As then selecting a different file format however the descriptions of the formats is a little clearer using this method.

Create PDF/XPS

Use this option to save your document in PDF or XPS format. Also refer to the Save as PDF article. Either methods work fine.

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