Surviving the Upgrade to Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010

The biggest change for experienced users is the introduction of ribbons rather than menu bars. Once you accept that fact you'll find that you can actually find features easier than before. In fact, you may assume that many features you find are new to Word 2010, where in fact, they probably existed before buried under a multitude of menu options.

For example, the following illustrates the choices available on the Home ribbon. Most of these features are not new but can now be easily accessed from this ribbon. The Home ribbon contains most features that you used to find on the Standard and Formatting toolbars.

All ribbon articles in HelpDesk Online are clickable (even this one). Just click on a button to learn more about that feature.

Cut Copy Paste Clipboard Formatting Text Bulletting Paragraphs Numbering Paragraphs Outline Numbering Indenting Paragraphs Format Painter Show/Hide Non Printing Characters Paragraph Alignment Indents and Spacing Borders and Shading Styles Paragraph Formatting Find Replace Selecting File Ribbon Home Ribbon Insert Ribbon Page Layout Ribbon References Ribbon Mailings Ribbon Review Ribbon View Ribbon Developer Ribbon Ribbons (all) Sorting

What about Toolbars?

There are very few toolbars in Word 2010. You can, however, add buttons to your Quick Access bar.

Quick Access Bar File Ribbon Home Ribbon Insert Ribbon Page Layout Ribbon References Ribbon Cut Copy and Paste Clipboard Format Painter Text Formatting Cut Copy and Paste  

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