Microsoft Word 2010

WordArt allows you to add extra effects to text, such as:

Inserting A WordArt Object

  1. Place your cursor approximately where you want the WordArt.
  2. Display the Insert ribbon and click on the button in the Text area. The following window appears:
  3. Select a style from the gallery then click on OK. The Edit WordArt window will appear:
  4. Enter the text for your WordArt.  If you want the text to span over more than one line (like examples shown at the top of this page), press Enter to end each line.
  5. If desired, you can change the font and font size and add bolding and/or italics to the effect.
  6. Choose OK when done.

  When you insert WordArt it is treated as an image/graphic, i.e. spell check will not check your text, WordArt can be sized and controlled as you would for an image file. 

Formatting WordArt

Use the WordArt Formatting ribbon, as described below. You can also select the text and use formatting options available on the Home ribbon.

Using The WordArt Formatting Ribbon

To format the WordArt object, select it with a single click. The WordArt Format ribbon will appear:

Shapes Text Wrapping Formatting Pictures Sizing Images

Experiment (play!) with the buttons available to edit and customize your effect.

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