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Microsoft Excel Searchable Training Manual

Learning Microsoft Excel 2010Microsoft Office online training manuals

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools available within the Microsoft Office suite yet most users only scratch the surface of the powerful tools available in Excel. HelpDesk Online provides both 101 instructions as well as feature-rich instructions for Excel to enhance user proficiency.

Excel 101

Use the simple Excel 101 button to review a list of articles outlining the basic features of Microsoft Excel to get your users up and running quickly. Articles are listed in an easy-to-follow, logical order and can be read all at once or revisited at a later time for a refresher. Each article includes links to related features available in Excel to enhance the learning experience.

Proficient Excel UsersHDO Excel Sample

Users who are already proficient with the basics of Excel can enhance their skills by review articles for using Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting, Data functions, IF formulas, and so much more!

Moving from Excel 2007 to 2010

Once your users are presented with 'the wonderful world of ribbons', nothing is where it should be (or where it used to be).  Frustrated users click through this new world trying to find where items have moved to, wasting time and company resources.  With Helpdesk Online’s “Surviving the Upgrade” section, we give your users an easy and stress-free transition through these new version interfaces.