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Training for Microsoft Outlook

Learning Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Office online training manuals

If your company uses Microsoft Outlook it is likely that it is your #1 enterprise-wise application yet most users only know how to send and receive email and meeting requests. Microsoft Outlook can actually be used as a time, communication, and contacts management system (if you just know how).

for Beginners to Advanced UsersHDO for Microsoft Outlook

The simple layout of the Microsoft Outlook Helpdesk online training manual makes it easy for your users to find what they are looking for, even if they are new or unfamiliar with the Outlook components.  Clicking on the Microsoft Office 101 Menu button brings your users to a simple and easy to follow Outlook guide which lists the articles they will need to visit, in order, to become comfortable with this tool. More advanced users can search or browse through the component specific features for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and More!

Microsoft Outlook Mail Functionality

Many users know the basics of using this email system including how to send an email, attach items and apply signatures.  However, there are many functions within this application that would greatly increase the efficiency of your business that the majority of your users are not using, such as; cleanup tools, color coding, quick steps, delay delivery options, and much more.  Helpdesk Online allows your users to browse through interactive, informative articles to greatly improve their Microsoft Outlook Mail knowledge.

Outlook Calendar Training

The Microsoft Outlook calendar is most likely a central feature within your organization for scheduling meetings and events within the company and it is therefore essential that your users be proficient with employing this handy tool.  Helpdesk Online not only assists in learning this core functionality, but also displays the additional tools that you may not be aware of.  The Quick Steps feature, for example, allows you to quickly send meeting invites to people you invite often.

Microsoft Outlook Contacts and Tasks

The Helpdesk Online Contacts and Tasks help area contains a wealth of instructions for using these two features. Did you know that if you are entering a variety of contacts from the same company you can simply click into the contact already created and hit “new contact from the same company” which will automatically create a new contact with the same company information already entered into their contact form. Did you know you can send a task request to someone in your company and monitor their progress of the task? Outlook is definitely a feature-rich application!