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Microsoft Word Searchable Training Manual

Learning Microsoft Word 2010Microsoft Office online training manuals

Microsoft Word is an essential tool within your organization, used on a daily basis for a variety of tasks.  It is therefore imperative that your users be proficient with using this tool, and at minimum have a firm understanding of the basics.  Helpdesk Online’s Word 101 Menu allows your users to browse through the introductory articles and become proficient with this important application.

Getting Comfortable with New Microsoft Word Versions

Whether your organization has just upgraded from Microsoft Word 2003 to 2007 or from 2007 to 2010, there are many new changes for your users to get used to.  There are some changes that they will need to know right away, including the most talked about major change – ribbons. With interactive Helpdesk Online ribbon articles for Microsoft Word your users will have no trouble making the transition.

The Simple “Where’d It Go?” FeatureHDO for Microsoft Word

Your users are probably comfortable with finding what they are looking for in their previous Microsoft Word version.  With HelpDesk Online's "Where'd It Go" feature, they can become proficient quickly and efficiently, and without frustration.  Upgrading to a newer version dramatically slows the time it takes to accomplish simple tasks and complete basic Microsoft Word functions.  Our “Where’d It Go” feature allows users to click through an interface which looks exactly like their previous Microsoft Word version, which then displays were this functionality is located in the version they are now working in.

Advanced Microsoft Word Features

The majority of your users will have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word with the ability to accomplish simple tasks such as writing a letter or preparing a document.  These same users, however, probably have no idea of the vast functionality they are missing out on, which could greatly improve their usage of this product and increase productivity and therefore your overall business efficiency.  Helpdesk Online can easily increase Microsoft Word proficiency for all users by providing feature-specific instructions for MS Word features/functions.