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Microsoft Office PowerPoint Training Documentation

Basic PowerPoint TrainingMicrosoft Office online training manuals

Microsoft PowerPoint is an exceptional, diverse and intricate tool which can help your users in creating flawless presentations for training classes and meetings.  It is therefore imperative that your users have at least a basic understanding of how this tool can be used, including terminology, themes, slides, presentations and much more, easily accessible under the PowerPoint 101 Menu.

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2010HDO PowerPoint Sample

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very versatile tool that allows your users to create flawless, effective presentations. However, without the proper know-how, presentations can be boring, cluttered, or over-animated. HelpDesk Online's Microsoft PowerPoint component not only provides comprehensive instructions how to use its feature-rich tools but also 'best practices' to avoid 'death by PowerPoint' presentations.

PowerPoint 101

New and self-taught PowerPoint users will find a wealth of information within the PowerPoint 101 index. Many PowerPoint users are not aware of the importance of Slide Masters and background graphics. These are NOT advanced features; in fact, creating presentations without this knowledge will take you extra time and result in inconsistencies and potentially monster-sized files (that love to crash).

PowerPoint Advanced Features

Everything is easy when you know how, right? I'm sure you've seen some presentations that you thought were more effective than others. Proficient users know how and when to use animation and special effects to create the right message. HelpDesk Online is loaded with these tips and tricks.

Getting Comfortable with New PowerPoint Versions

After using one version Microsoft Office PowerPoint for a while, switching to the new ribbon interface can be a bit daunting.  The “Where’d it Go?” feature makes this transition easy, offering an online interactive teaching experience.  With Helpdesk Online’s “Surviving the Upgrade” section, we give your users an easy and stress-free transition through these new version interfaces.